Leverage was founded in 2010, as an independent creative agency focusing on the marketing needs of small to mid-sized businesses. We use smart strategy to lead the way and generate new ideas. Design, web development, consulting, and social media support are what we’re known for. As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve also added bookkeeping and operational consulting to our list of services.


Our approach puts client challenges at the center of everything we do. We aren’t confined to traditional agency processes – we only offer solutions that lead to success. We support business owners by sharing advice, implementing strategies, and creating progressive designs that set our clients apart from their competitors. We consider ourselves a family of creative growth strategists that leverage a business’ potential by becoming part of your team.

We’re not for everyone.


We work best with established businesses that have a values match with us. They understand the significance of having a consulting team behind them and, well… don’t treat us like a vendor. They acknowledge us as an extension of their team and allow our crew to integrate with every aspect of their business. From marketing messages to design, from staff development to culture and financials, our clients let us into the inner workings of their day-to-day operations. We won’t run your company for you, but we will help you run it more profitably and efficiently on nearly every level.


We advise our clients freely and draw our knowledge from decades of collective experience. We are creators. Our design-style is unique; we develop websites and all marketing collaterals with compelling copy and stellar design. Everything we do has a purpose and is based on a strategy. We don’t recommend services to clients that do not have a purpose – our intention is to work with your business long-term.


We exist to be in relationships with others. We seek out relationships with people based on shared values and likenesses. We value the spirit of relationship above monetary transactions.


We take responsibility for our actions, our work, and our words. We accept this as our duty to behave correctly in any given situation. We have self-control and respect for others’ opinions, thoughts, and feelings.


We are led by a strong desire to learn new things and initiate. We allow that curiosity to drive our creative endeavors.


We speak the truth with grace. We perform the surgery with anesthesia. We’re kind but firm…gritty but gracious. Heart first, then hustle.


Allegiance to our clients, their businesses and our company is non-negotiable. We hold fast to our non-compete policies and create only unique, one-of-a-kind art for each client.


Everything we do will be done with excellence. While not always perfect, we are always striving for outstanding work that surprises and delights our clients. We always endeavor to do The Right Thing even though we won’t always get it right.

Anticipate Needs

We are forward thinkers and always wondering what will come next. We anticipate the needs of our co-workers and clients because we truly know them and understand them.


We are soulful and spiritual. We use our intuition as a way to quickly assess and understand situations, business cultures, and pain points within organizations, and then leverage that intuition into organic, natural, long-term change.


We are the flex role for our clients. We move fluidly throughout an organization as consultants, coaches, sounding boards and ass-kickers. We engage in both internal culture and external reach and then craft strategies to move forward towards growth on both planes.


Creativity is Queen. We create. We are makers, doers, movers, and shakers. We have a need to be expressive creatively through art, design, compelling copy, marketing, and commerce. We birth new ideas.


Life is short. We want to have fun and enjoy the work we do. When it stops being fun, we stop doing that kind of work.