An Agency Environment

01 Aug An Agency Environment

If you haven’t noticed, our agency has grown.


Our team has grown since the beginning of 2018 to a whopping 8 awesome individuals! (Check out our beautiful team here and introduction blogs by BrittneyBlake, and Chase – the slackers have not written their intros yet!) There’s been a big shift in the way things work in the office now that there are 8 brains working at the same time. But, we love it! Here are some things we love about our new agency environment.


Idea Bounce House

We love having multiple people to contribute to ideas. No idea is a bad idea in the Leverage office. Even the smallest idea or concept can make its way to the final project. We’ve got a melting pot of personalities and creatives present, so we can bounce ideas off of each other when we’re a little stuck! When you’re in a rut, whether it’s copywriting, design or planning, we know that we have the support of the team.


Free Time & Relief

More business means more work and growing pains! When your team simply doesn’t have the manpower to support the work, things get a little crazy. Getting spread too thin is a HUGE problem in any business when you are trying to cover all the bases. Being able to pass off some of the workload has been a huge relief and we are so grateful for our team.


True Strengths

We like to think of Leverage as a bus (a cool, hip, bus). And like Missy always says “we need to have the right people in the right seats”! Now that our team has expanded, we can move people around so that they’re in the right seats. By this, we mean that we can find out what each of our team members true strengths are. Whether it’s copywriting, design, web development or project managing, we have the team behind us to experiment with different positions. We can move others to leadership roles now that there is support and continue to grow as a team. The bus performs the best when everyone is in the right seat! There may be 25 seats on the bus, but not everyone fits in every seat!


Overall, we love our new agency environment and we are SO lucky to have a great team behind us and amazing clients to serve!




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