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With one out of every seven people having some degree of hearing loss, captioning by Caption Pros provides communication access. By providing instantaneous speech to text, it benefits all participants. As a leader in the captioning industry, owner Jen Shuck, is a advocate for accessibility in all spaces. We have loved getting to work with a brand that fights for the rights of all people, and it makes working on the brand a true joy. A large goal of our marketing efforts for Caption Pros is education on hearing loss and encouraging more visibility of those with disabilities. 

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Along with promoting Caption Pros services to various industries, we also use social media to educate the general public. One of the foundational beliefs of Caption Pros is equality and equity for ALL people, so we try to increase visibility of a variety of people. Inclusivity and diversity should be valued in all places and we are honored to relay that message on Caption Pros behalf!

Understanding how to brand captioning

Branding captioning has been a unique challenge for us since we are marketing to a very wide group of people. A lot of captioning services are used by businesses or events, so we had to be creative with getting our messaging to the right people. Positioning Caption Pros as a leader in the captioning industry along with prioritizing the company values has gone a long way in building brand recognition and the reputation of the business. Focusing on education and visibility has enabled Caption Pros to become a great leader in the field of captioning!

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In any print material we designed, we were very thoughtful about people with disabilities being able to digest the information. We wanted to make sure the text is easy visible, and that there is a lot of contrast between the colors of the text and background. This forethought also carried over to the format and style of the website! We have designed various rack cards for any captioning events or conventions, business cards, and even a personalized “thank you” note card! 

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