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A design project was initiated to create a logo for Chase’s creative team. After fine-tuning the final logo, we designed business cards for his team and sent them to print. We also created his business quote, “We are a passionate group helping brands find their creative voice.” Our branding meeting helped us to pinpoint his company goals, values, and services offered. 

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Branding Process

After an initial meeting with the goal to get a solid idea of Chase’s vision for his brand and brainstorming ideas, we achieved a sense of direction about what we wanted the branding to look like. An inspiration board was provided by Chase, and he completed our questionnaire that was carefully crafted to develop a sense of the brand’s identity. We decided to incorporate his fascination with the lunar cycle into the logo’s imagery. There were many possibilities, as we provided Chase with 8 logo designs, and he narrowed it down to 3. We then began the first round of edits and colors and fonts were established. You know your branding is successful when a client immediately falls in love with one of the options presented.

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