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Since 2008, Hudsonville Grille has been a neighborhood kitchen and bar serving American cuisine inspired by local flavors. Hudsonville Grille desperately needed an updated look. The logo and overall branding hadn’t been updated in over a decade. It was time for something fresh. The owners wanted to keep the vibe local and stay true to their Hudsonville farming community roots. 

Initial art boards included ideas for logo marks like silos and windmills as well as font treatments and unique color palettes. The wheat and hexagon shape was developed as the final logo with some of Joanna Gaines’ interior designs as inspiration. “Graze & Gather” was created as a tagline to connect their audience with the community family farm. Thoughtful design makes this logo and brand highly recognizable and it has become the trusted symbol as a great place to Graze & Gather with friends and family since 2008. 

Hudsonville Previous logo
Hudsonville logo Rebrand

food photography

Photos should reflect the aesthetic of the brand. For Hudsonville Grille’s photography this meant utilizing more plain backgrounds that allow the colors of each dish to pop. Perfect lighting and minimal editing is essential for conveying the artistry of each dish. In this case, the delicious food speaks for itself!

Space Remodel

For the space, we utilized a modern farmhouse vibe with wood textures, and galvanized metal. The goal was to carry the brand themes through to space. Textured elements and hexagonal shapes were design elements that were important to be included in the brand. We wanted to ensure that the restaurant felt like a place that you could “Graze and Gather” with your friends and family. 

Hudsonville Grille inside
Hudsonville Grille inside 3


Printed materials are another visual representation of a brand, so brand consistency should always be clear. For Hudsonville Grille, we did a lot of fun print projects. We designed menus, catering booklets, table tents, business cards, gift cards, direct mail pieces, and even coasters!

When we think about printed material in the restaurant, we try to think about how the customers will view the brand without having a first impression with social media. Consistency is key, but it also gives us an opportunity to expand the brand by utilizing different design elements.

Graze and Gather
Hudsonville Grill Breakfast menu
Hudsonville Breakfast menu in holder
Hudsonville Graze T-shirt
Hudsonville Grille Menu dinner
Hudsonville Beer/Coasters
Hudsonville table tent
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