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What is mapp?

mApp is a location-based event app that keeps festival-goers engaged, informed, and in control of their experience – and it provides community event planners with an accessible, easy-to-edit platform that connects them to their patrons. Using mApp’s navigational tools, people can easily find vendors, stages, bathrooms, food, first aid, and more. Because mApp clients are in control, they have access to engagement features, like sending out push notifications, that keep them connected to attendees not only during the event but throughout the year as well.

Branding strategy

We wanted mApp’s brand to come across approachable, modern, accessible, and adventurous. Using warm, earthy colors and textures, we created a look and feel for mApp that evokes that vibe. We drew inspiration from vintage tourism and national park posters to round-out the details, like the badge-style logo, and bring a touch of fun and personal connection to mApp’s brand.

mApp primary logo
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In order to attract both festival organizers and festival-goers, mApp’s social media is full to the brim with wanderlust, adventure, and nostalgia. By connecting the human desire to explore with the practical features of using a festival app, the resulting message across social media platforms is one that speaks to mApp’s target audiences at all levels. The voice and tone of mApp’s social presence is approachable and friendly – like you’re talking to a camping buddy.


mApp’s location-based features allow attendees to locate bathrooms, food booths, ATMs, first aid, parking or camping spots, and more. Performance and event schedules help users plan out their day and the entertainment they’d like to be present for. And of course, each app has custom features that are designed to support the unique needs of individual festivals. From an event organizer’s perspective, their mApp app is branded to look and feel just like the rest of their materials. Each app is distinctly its own in terms of style and function. mApp’s developers and marketing team work one-on-one with festivals to personalize the mApp template to suit their branding and the needs of their guests – creating a one-of-a-kind, year-round resource.
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