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What Is Your Problem?

Forgive me for being blunt, but do you know?

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell if you have a marketing problem in your business. 
How do you diagnose that? Most of us know when we have a car problem. The engine won’t start or the check engine light comes on.

Yeah. You know when you have a car problem.

You also know when you have an accounting problem. Your finances are a mess, bills are past due and your checkbook never balances. When your statement arrives in the mail or you get a call from your banker, you know you have an accounting problem.

But, what about your marketing problem? Do you even have one?

1.  If there are people who could really benefit from your product or service, but they aren’t engaging with you or your business…you have a marketing problem.

2.  If you would really like to to see a change in the culture of your business and the way your team works together…. you have a marketing problem.

3.  Are you struggling with communication and sharing your point of view so people “get you”? If so…you have a marketing problem.

4.  Maybe your product just isn’t resonating with the people you seek to serve. Your target audience doesn’t understand what you do, they are confused, and they don’t know if you are “for them”…you have a marketing problem.

5.  If you’ve become the low price leader in your market or you’re racing to become the low price leader with a new deal or discount every day…you definitely have a marketing problem.

How much time are you spending spinning your wheels and never creating any momentum? You can’t solve your marketing problem tomorrow by repeating the same things you did yesterday.

If you have a marketing problem, we can help you with a solution.