Meet Blake!

Meet Blake!


My name is Blake Wendt, I am the summer marketing intern here at Leverage! Here are a few things about me:


5 Things about Blake


1.  I love where I’m from.

Being born and raised in Grand Haven, Michigan and having an interest in marketing, I feel extremely lucky that I get to be a part of the Leverage team this summer. I love that they are local but do work for businesses all over the country. One of the highlights of what makes coming into the office such a joy is my 10-minute commute along one of the many beaches of Lake Michigan. Getting an amazing view of the sunrise on my drive in every morning – BONUS!


2.  I am a student.

I am currently a Junior at Western Michigan University as a Business Marketing major and I’m loving every second of it! Yes, I am still in school so it’s true I’m more enthusiastic than knowledgeable! But, the whole Leverage team is bringing me up to speed quickly and are helping me learn something new every day. I started my internship the beginning of May and I have already been to an on-site photo shoot, sat in on a press interview for a client, and have written some first drafts for blogs and done a lot of research. I’m excited about all of the creative marketing and public relations projects I will get to be a part of this summer. It’s a great opportunity to learn, but I’m also glad I get to help out here at Leverage. Everyone is very busy and has a lot of work to do


3.  I am a team player.

With being the oldest of three kids in my family, I have been responsible to set a good example for my younger brothers and be a strong, confident leader. Part of where I think my team-oriented attitude comes from is the 15 years I’ve played competitive hockey. Being involved in sports teaches you how to work with groups of people toward a common goal, and I have learned to work with large and small teams and have had successful results.


4.  I have an entrepreneurial drive.

When my brothers and I were very young, we used to sell lemonade on the side of the street that we lived on. The street wasn’t very busy, so I had an idea that we were going to sell the lemonade where our property touched the 14th tee of the local golf course. We Googled the property lines and made sure we stayed just on the edge of our family’s property. We set up shop and sold fruit, snacks, and lemonade to the golfers and made almost 300$ in one summer. #hustle


5.  I’m a huge car guy.

Shamelessly, I’ll admit that I love all cars. From exotic cars to classic American muscle – the leather, the carbon fiber…everything from the noises they make to their 0-60 time fascinates me! Although I’m more of a “built not bought” guy, I respect the manufacturers that can nail the perfect track car straight out of the box. My favorite old school car is either the 1967 Shelby Mustang Fastback or the 1980’s series Porsche 911s. My favorite new age car is either the Koenigsegg One:1 or the Pagani Hyura (Google it, it’s beautiful).


Photo by: The one and only, Chase Loreto.