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Meet Brittney

5 things about Brittney
I’m a recent grad

In December of 2016, I graduated from Michigan State University (Go Green! 🙂 ) with a degree in Media and Information. I’m what adults like to call a “baby” in the workforce. I’m definitely young and lack experience but Missy has been more than great about teaching me her tips and tricks to becoming a badass marketer.

I made movies of my dog

When I was about 11 or 12 I was bored out of my mind! We shared a single desktop back in the day and when it wasn’t my turn to play video games, I produced movies about my dog. I wrote, directed, filmed, cast and edited my feature film using Windows Movie Maker. It was truly a masterpiece. And of course, I charged my family $5 a person to view the film (I told them after the fact).

I’m a Chipette

You know, from Alvin and the Chipmunks? Now I’m not REALLY a Chipette, but the leader of the Chipettes, Brittany, inspired my name. I have no idea why my mom was watching Alvin and the Chipmunks but that’s the story of my name.

I can’t swim

You would think that spending my entire life right next to the Great Lakes would make me an amazing swimmer. Yeah… no. In middle school, we had to walk to the pool in the middle of winter (yikes!) and take swim lessons. I wasn’t really interested in learning to swim and spent most of my time near the shallow end diving for rings.

I love my job

Leaving the comfort and safety of college is scary. I wasn’t ready to be thrown out into the real world yet! But I got lucky. I have a job that I love with clients that I want to help succeed. I love watching their social media presence grow and seeing Facebook and Instagram comments from new and old followers. On top of that, I have a pretty badass boss that inspires me every day to work hard and get projects done!

I’m here for you

I’d love to meet with you to get a conversation started about how Leverage can help you market your business. Whether it’s just a little push in the right direction or a full-on branding and marketing campaign, I’d love to chat and help you go to the next level with our team!