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Hey! I’m Chase Loreto, one of the newest members of the Leverage team. My roles will include being lead photographer, media coordinator, and project management assistant (sorry, that was a mouth full). I am a lover of genuine connection, my family, travel, the ocean, and random night drives. I’m an adventurer, nature admirer, camera enthusiast, and a lowkey coffee addict. Music is my favourite thing, and I’m slightly obsessed with Fleetwood Mac… Just let it happen (;

I’m a dropout

After receiving my associate’s degree during high school, I started my undergrad program for digital marketing but soon had the opportunity to move to LA for a full-time job when I was just seventeen! My friends and family were very supportive of my decision to leave my schooling and chase life instead of a degree. Since then, I have been presented with endless opportunities for travel and brand partnerships, a few including Calvin Klein, BMW, Nautica, Airbnb, and Hilton. I’ve never looked back.

I run on caffeine

If I’m not at home or in the office, you can usually find me getting jacked on coffee in all forms. All day. Everyday. Maybe beyond agency life, I’m destined to be a traveling cafe blogger/critic? Until then, I’ll just be taking a coffee break every thirty minutes (sorry, Missy).

I’m a hardcore foodie

Being a bon vivant foodie such as myself in the midwest can have its ups and downs, so naturally, I go back to LA every so often for a solid brunch and vegan Mexican to cure me. It’s not at all uncommon to find me standing on chairs, taking photos of my food for my own enjoyment while everyone stares. It’s allll about the aesthetics, so if we’re meeting somewhere for dinner, it MUST be vetted by me first. 

P.s. don’t touch your food until I give you permission AFTER I’m done taking photos 😉

Sorry, not sorry.

Guilty pleasures

We all have our faults… Mine just happen to be some of my guilty pleasures. The bulk of them being Deer Traxx ice cream by the bucket and 8-hour long Netflix binges. I’m also a sucker for cheap cigars and a mimosa with (every) brunch (:

I am a travel junkie

From a very young age, I’ve had the privilege of seeing a lot of the world with my parents. From third grade on, I grew up back and forth between Canada, Texas, and West Michigan. It gave me the jump start on the travel bug, and I’ve yet to shake it. Ever since, I have been globe-trotting whenever I get the opportunity and still have the itch to keep going. Bon voyage, y’all!

I’m here for you!

I’d love to meet with you to get a conversation started about how Leverage can help you market your business. Whether it’s just a little push in the right direction or a full-on branding and marketing campaign, I’d love to chat and help you go to the next level with our team!