Meet Missy

Meet Missy

Hello! I’m Missy, the heart behind Leverage Marketing. Since founding this agency in 2010, I’ve dedicated myself to crafting innovative campaigns and strategies that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. This role constantly challenges and inspires me, pushing me to merge creativity with results-driven marketing within our fun (and mostly female) independent agency. I love leading a team as passionate about impactful marketing as I am.

Five Things About Missy

1. I am a former Roller Derby Girl

I once rocked the roller derby scene as Cyndi Drop-her. (Yes, after Cyndi Lauper, my jersey number was 1985.) My journey on skates was pretty rad until a derby bout in 2017 broke my ankle, prompting my retirement from the game, but not skating altogether. I still love to get out on the rink occasionally, and the spirit of the sport still inspires many of my strategic marketing moves!

2. I am a Culinary Creator

Cooking is another creative outlet for me that I love. I’m known for whipping up delicious meals that bring my family and friends together. Last summer, my husband Adam and I ventured into pasta-making, a delicious endeavor that inspired me to make homemade ravioli that turned out pretty great! Whether revising recipes or preparing beloved dishes, I like my kitchen to be a place of creativity and comfort.

3. I love literature and little paws

My little Morkie (Maltese-Yorkie mix), Annabel Lee, is named after Edgar Allan Poe’s beautiful poem. She’s not just a pet – she’s my little shadow who has shared the last decade of my life, embodying a love “that was more than love.” While she’s only about six and a half pounds of white fluff, she has a huge personality and is quite the diva. We are all dog lovers at Leverage, and our office doggie, Piper, is usually here at least one day a week.

4. I am a resilient overcomer

At 29, I faced ovarian cancer—a battle that involved two major surgeries and a year of chemotherapy. This September marks 20 years cancer-free for me, a milestone that shapes my gratitude and drives my passion in life and for women’s health.

5. I am a Women’s Health Advocate

My recent work has deepened my commitment to issues affecting women in midlife. Marketing to women over 40 isn’t just about selling—it’s about understanding and engaging in a meaningful way. These women are vibrant, discerning, and an essential demographic with immense needs and potential. Additionally, I am passionate about collaborating with women entrepreneurs. I love empowering them to achieve their business goals and navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape. Supporting and elevating women-owned businesses is a professional commitment and a personal mission close to my heart.


I’d love to meet with you to explore how Leverage Marketing can elevate your brand. Whether you’re looking for strategic guidance or a comprehensive marketing overhaul, I’m here to help you navigate and succeed. Let’s make something amazing together with our team!