Meet Sam

Meet Sam

Hello! I’m Sam, Leverage’s Marketing Operations Manager. I began with the team back in 2020 as a Client Services Coordinator before transitioning to a Project Manager and then my current Operations role! As the MOM of the team, I am the gatekeeper of deadlines and prioritizing tasks. I also manage the needs of my clients on a day-to-day basis. My job is the best because I am never bored and like wearing a lot of hats each day!

Five Things About Sam

1. I speak Arabic. 

In college, I studied Political Science with a focus on Middle Eastern studies, and I learned to write and speak Arabic as part of my specialty. Years later, I still keep it fresh by using Duolingo and reading news articles in Arabic.

2. I studied abroad in Israel for over six weeks.

While in Israel, I participated in an archaeological dig. The site we dug at was believed to be the biblical city of the Philistines. The time frame of the dig was in the Early Bronze Age (3300 BC to 1200 BC). Unfortunately, no dinosaur skeletons were found, but we did uncover a donkey skeleton and a hippo patella, along with flint blades, pottery, and other amazing artifacts.

3. I love reading!

It all started with my Twilight addiction in middle school, and I haven’t been able to stop. For the last three years, I have read over 100 books each year. I love anything fiction with complex characters, but my true love is fantasy books. The creativity it takes to form a whole new world on paper is so impressive. My love of fantasy copy and creative enables me to develop outside-of-the-box ideas for clients. I love experimenting with new things and modifying them to fit into my clients’ business models!

4. I am passionate about advocacy and social change.

I’ve volunteered for various candidates and helped canvas for petitions. I firmly believe that it is my personal responsibility to make the world a better place. My goal in the office is to make a difference in my clients’ lives by supporting their businesses.

5. I can remember almost every viral video I have ever seen. 

I wish I could tell you why, but for some reason, my brain just latches onto that information. While I don’t have an aptitude for calculus or photographic memory, I can tell you about a Vine I watched ten years ago that I remember word for word.


I’d love to meet with you to start a conversation about how Leverage can help you market your business and increase your website’s presence. Whether it’s a little push in the right direction or a full branding and marketing campaign, I’d love to chat and help you go to the next level with our team!