Missy Richeal

Communication Strategist & Owner

Where to begin? Introducing the brains, muscle, and heart of all that is Leverage. The woman who thinks mints will suffice for lunch. Occasional baddie who isn’t afraid to snort at your jokes if she knows you well enough. Will actively uncover everything from your worst childhood embarrassments to your most promising strengths. Missy believes the best in everyone and every situation. She will take your business to the next level of growth.

Miranda Sagan

Graphic Designer

You know that co-worker who says they don’t need coffee in the morning because they get up extra early to work out and it naturally energizes them? Yep, Meet Miranda, our idea-generating superstar, brand guru, and natural creative who makes the rest of the team look subpar. Her ability to multitask between numerous client brands and design work allows her to complete projects efficiently. Catch her sneaking her fur babies into the office because here at Leverage, you must love dogs.

Chase Loreto

Photographer & Creative Coordinator

He’s probably seen more countries than you and is not afraid to rub it in your face. He’ll put ketchup on your cooking and expect you not to be offended. Chase is our photo taking, business developing, coffee connoisseuring, food critic who won’t let you eat until he’s done posting it to his story. His expertise in social media will liven up your newsfeed with creative puns and amazing photography that can even make dirt look beautiful.

Joe Preston

Web Developer

Not your average Joe by any means. Well travelled, well read, and well fed, Joe is the lead web developer for Leverage. Need a new snazzy app or website for your biz? Joe’s your guy. Well, he’s our guy. As a beer aficionado, he plays and drinks well with others. Joe likes to post photos of his beer festival travels and his beloved cat, Max. We accept this as his one and only flaw because his drone driving and developer skills are so damn good. A pro to the core, there’s no project too radical for him. He can take a basic website or app to a whole ‘nother level.

Denise Kurdziel

Finance Manager

Proceed with caution on this one, Denise will lay down the law and lead you on the path worth taking. We feel bad you can’t have her on your team, sort of. We’re very possessive here at Leverage. Cooked books? She prefers them well done and served on a silver platter. Her organization and ability to break down complex financials are unmatched. The position of being her best friend is already taken by spreadsheets and numbers.