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Software Safety




Nite-Owl, a pioneering software compliance enterprise, was established by Steve Reschke, a visionary software engineer known for his entrepreneurial spirit. The company specializes in delivering critical safety protocols utilized in facilities throughout the United States. 

In 2022, Steve sought our expertise to enhance Nite-Owl’s branding and create a new, dynamic website. His vision was to align Nite-Owl’s online presence with the innovation and precision the company brings to safety processes nationwide. We were privileged to be part of this transformative journey, working with Steve to help Nite-Owl shine even brighter in its industry.

Design Work

Our Marketing Operations Manager, Sam, played a pivotal role in this creative process as well. Her ingenious vision gave birth to the memorable tagline, “Safety Never Sleeps.” This powerful phrase captures the essence of Nite-Owl’s commitment to unwavering safety and vigilance. 

Working with Sam, our designer, Miranda crafted a logo that not only encapsulated Nite-Owl’s core mission but also resonated with the company’s values and aspirations. Her creativity extended beyond the logo as she incorporated these design elements into the new website. The result was a dynamic, engaging, and user-friendly online platform that mirrored Nite-Owl’s mission and brand identity. The collaboration between our talented team members has not only reinvigorated Nite-Owl’s visual identity but enhanced its online presence, ensuring it accurately communicates the company’s values and dedication to safety.

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