lev·er·age | /ˈlev(ə)rij/

The power to influence using a quality or advantage to obtain a desired result.

Communication Strategist & Owner

As lead communication strategist for Leverage, Missy has relevant, relatable experience and can offer an outside perspective to your marketing and communication strategy. As a consultant and client services liaison, she has experience fulfilling different needs for businesses, whether it’s one-on-one personal and professional coaching, or breaking down a company with various levels of management, she has assisted business owners with hiring, training, conflict resolution, and marketing strategy. With a growing team of web developers, graphic designers, and creative strategists, she has a large network of people in the industry who can implement what needs to be done.


Once Missy and Leverage join your team, she can quickly assess the situation, diagnose the problems, and bring a solid strategy to the table. This isn’t about overhauling your entire organization. It’s about finding the missing piece, pinpointing the disconnection in your company that you may have trouble seeing for yourself, and then leveraging that observation into change. She can help you spice up your current marketing or offer a little tough love to push you to make those hard decisions. She knows what is necessary to get your business on track for consistent progress.


Born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Missy lived and worked in Upstate South Carolina for ten years, and now lives with her husband and their family in Grand Haven, Michigan.

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