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Beechwood Grill’s slow-smoked BBQ just had to be taken on the road, thus Wood Truck BBQ is born! After Beechwood’s rebrand, we knew it was time to take the Wood Truck brand to a new level. With phrases like “Truckin’ good bbq” and “Hot grill summer” we were excited to come up with a new look and feel for the Wood Truck. Deciding to go with the pig nose, and continuing the textured, grungy look of Beechwood helped integrate the brands. We wanted to make sure the two brands were different, yet still coordinated well together.

Wood Truck BBQ previous logo
Wood Truck BBQ Rebranded Primary logo

Social Media

Our goal with the Wood Truck’s social media was not only to promote the tasty food, but also to utilize fun quotes, puns, and even some edgier phrases. We wanted to break up the food photos while still coordinating with Beechwood’s brand. Our social media presence has helped gain the truck more traffic every year!

Wood Truck Instagram countdown

TRUCK Remodel

The best part about rebranding is upgrading the look and feel of other brand assets. One of our biggest assets was the actual Wood Truck! We wanted to keep the brand consistent, so we wanted to use red, orange, grey, black, and white. Think colors of a BBQ pit! The truck turned out so good and it is a perfect moving billboard to get the word out for the food truck!

Wood Truck BBQ food truck photo
Wood Truck BBQ food truck head on photo


Much like the food at Beechwood Grill, the food speaks for itself! With a variety of dishes to choose from, there is a dish for any BBQ lover. When we take pictures of the food, we want to keep the background as plain as possible to allow the food to pop! While the brand is darker and more textured, we thought it would be nice to have food photos that give a summertime, lighter look and feel.

WTB Nachos
WTB Tacos 2
WTB Pulled Pork Sandwhich


Since the Wood Truck is mostly on the road, we don’t have a lot of material that needs to be printed, but that didn’t stop us from makin’ some “Truckin’ good” designs. The menu is displayed on a TV screen, but we also designed business cards and some fun t-shirts!

WTB Menu
WTB T-Shirts
Wood Truck BBQ Business Cards
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