How Leverage helped Caption Pros make a difference.



Jen had been a court reporter for over 10 years when she transitioned into captioning in 2004. With her extensive knowledge of the industry on all fronts, she has served on national boards, competed in and won international real-time writing events. With such a small, niche audience, it was of the utmost importance for us to learn the insides and outs of the captioning community. We saw a chance to break down the complexity of captioning and showcase the differences it makes in daily lives to those inside and outside of the captioning community.



We saw just how much of a difference captioning has in the lives of many. With about 20% of Americans reporting some degree of hearing loss, many look to captions to when watching programs on television. We took this opportunity to give an entire overhaul to the Caption Pros logo and website by offering a modern and clean aesthetic.