true. Women’s Health


Women’s Health Matters

It’s unfortunate for women that there are so many symptoms of midlife that they are afraid, embarrassed or ashamed to talk about. Maybe other doctors have dismissed her concerns for years, or even worse, made her feel bad for having these symptoms or even bringing them up.

Dr. Diana Bitner with true. Women’s Health gives women a place to courageously ask questions about their bodies. She teaches her patients how to navigate aging in a healthy way and no topic is off the table.

Simplicity and elegance

true. Women’s Health had a clear direction. Helping women who are aging and answering questions that seemed “out of the box”. Having an overdesigned logo can sometimes come across as intimidating or unwelcoming. We decided to keep it simple, and let the amazing work lead by the talented team do the talking. We created a website for true. Women’s Health with the purpose of assuring all potential patients know they are welcomed, and true. has the knowledge and answers they are looking for.