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Our relationship with true. Women’s Health began in early 2019. true. is the only membership-based concierge medicine practice in Michigan designed by women for women. This model and approach empower patients to take ownership of their health in a way that is unfortunately uncommon for women in today’s medical landscape. true. Women’s Health gives women a place to courageously ask questions about their bodies and learn how to navigate aging in a shame-free, healthy way.

When they came to Leverage, true. Women’s Health had a clear direction for their brand, including a logo, but they hadn’t yet opened for business. After setting them up with a redesigned logo and fresh brand, we decided to keep it simple and let the amazing work led by their talented team do the talking. All in all, we provide true. with full-service marketing, covering everything from a new website and digital communication to print pieces and stationery.

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Their office officially opened virtually in May of 2020, which presented many challenges at the onset. Mainly, without the opportunity to hold an in-person open house for women to meet the practitioners and explore the office space, Leverage needed to come up with a way to get true. in front of a community of women. That’s how Let’s Chat livestream events began.

Let’s Chat is a live-streamed casual conversation between true. practitioners and special guests, with each episode focused on a single issue that affects women. Patients can tune in to listen or ask questions about the topic at hand. This approach not only removed barriers between practitioner and patient but also created a safe, reassuring space for women to learn about “taboo” subjects: intimacy after cancer, bladder incontinence, body image, and more.

Beyond that series, Leverage designed true.’s social media presence to educate and motivate women, build trust with women as a thought-leader in the industry, combat misinformation with evidence-based medical knowledge, inspire women – and, of course, drive membership.

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When the office was able to start seeing patients in person, it was vital that women felt an immediate difference when coming in for their appointments. Leverage ensured that true.’s brand was approachable for women, and the office design reflects that intention. Their overall brand strategy filtered through to the build-out of the clinic, resulting in a spa-like, peaceful environment where women could feel safe, cared for and listened to. Features like waterfall fountains and reclining lounge chairs add a touch of luxury and comfort to the space as well.

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Leverage has designed a wide variety of materials for true.: identity pieces, direct mail campaigns, rack cards, postcards, billboards, social media graphics, and more. When we designed their website, we remained focused on assuring all potential and current patients that they are welcomed and that true. has the knowledge and answers they are looking for. After all, empowering women to take control of their health is a cornerstone of the true. brand.

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