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You can relax knowing your website is secure, monitored, and maintained.

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Website Security & Maintenance
Are More Important
Than You Think

Your website is out there representing your business 24/7/365. It is the hub of all your marketing efforts, and you’ve invested in your most significant asset online. But your website is not something you can set and forget. You wouldn’t buy a car without adding insurance or not take it in for maintenance and oil changes, right? Just like a car, your website needs regular care and maintenance.

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WHY YOU NEED A website care plan

Cybercrime is on the rise. A record number of hack attempts happen worldwide every second, and websites have never been at greater risk of being compromised. Software updates and vulnerabilities happen every day. Plugins fail. So many things can go wrong. You need a website care plan if you don’t have a dedicated in-house web team to ensure your website performs safely, securely, and predictably.

website hosting & care plan features

Premium Hosting



Peace of Mind

OUR website care planS


Website hosting, technology maintenance.


Website hosting, technology maintenance, and 1 hour of website support per month.


Website hosting, technology maintenance, and 2 hours of website support per month.


Website hosting, technology maintenance, and 3 hours of website support per month.





managed cloud hosting

We will monitor and update any DNS records necessary to your website's
functionality and form submissions.

Domain Name Service Management

We perform regular security scans to identify and block all malicious traffic,
code, content, and login attempts.

Security Audits

We implement various measures to prevent and reduce spam content,
comments, form submissions, and other unwanted or malicious
activities from your website.

Spam Protection

We implement various measures to prevent and reduce spam content,
comments, form submissions, and other unwanted or malicious activities
from your website.

Automated SSL Certificates

In a traditional single-firewall setup, the site could become vulnerable
to malicious attacks or experience downtime if the firewall fails for
any reason. We use Redundant Firewall Protection to address
this issue by creating a fail-safe system with multiple firewall
devices working in conjunction. If one firewall becomes
unavailable, another one automatically takes over its role,
maintaining the network's security.

Redundant Firewall Protection

We save multiple copies of your site daily on various platforms. In the unlikely event that your website
becomes compromised, we can restore it and get it back up and running with little downtime.

Automated Daily Incremental Backups on multiple platforms

We conduct weekly updates to your website to ensure that your site has no security vulnerabilities
within the website's code due to outdated plugins, themes, software, and PHP. This also improves
any bugs, compatibility, and compliance issues.

WordPress Software, Plugins, Themes, & PHP updates

We configure alerts to promptly notify us if your website experiences downtime,
ensuring swift action to bring it back online. If it's an extended outage, we'll inform
you and keep you updated on any issues affecting your website.

24/7 Website Monitoring (server uptime)

We provide professional assistance to seamlessly transfer a
WordPress website from your current hosting environment
to ours. The migration process involves moving all website
files, databases, configurations, and settings to our
Digital Ocean Cloud server.

WordPress Migration Services

We offer the setup and configuration of snippets of information added
to your website pages to control how the content is displayed when
shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
and others.

Social Media Cards

We conduct routine performance scans to ensure optimal loading speed
for your website. In the event of any slowdowns, we allocate support time
for optimizations, fine-tuning your site's performance to maintain top-notch
speed and efficiency.

Optimization with Advanced Caches

SMTP mail services are essential for reliable and efficient email delivery
from website forms. They ensure emails are sent securely and adhere to
standard email protocols, reducing the chances of emails being flagged
as spam or rejected by the recipient's email server.

SMTP Mail service

We will thoroughly inspect and analyze your website's
design, content, UI (user experience) and send test
forms while the website is live and accessible to users.

Live Website Auditing and Form Testing

We will set up and audit your website via Google Search Console.
Google Search Console (GSC) is essential for website owners and
administrators who want to monitor their website's performance
on Google's search engine. GSC provides valuable insights into
how Google crawls, indexes, and ranks your website.

Google Search Console Set Up
and Audit

We do not charge to set up your hosting account or
migrate your current website to our hosting program.

No Hosting Account Set-up Fee

We will review and assess your website privacy policy to ensure it
complies with relevant privacy laws and regulations and provides
accurate and transparent information about data collection,
processing, and protection practices.

Privacy Policy Audit

We will set up a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) tracking code. This involves
creating a new property in your Google Analytics account and adding
the GA4 tracking code to your website or mobile app. GA4 is the latest
version of Google Analytics and provides advanced tracking and
reporting capabilities.

GA4 Tracking Code Set Up


We offer hosting for e-commerce websites that support and optimize online stores. We love WooCommerce and gladly support the extra activities and necessary support.

E-commerce Website Hosting

We will perform monthly checks to identify broken links on a website
and provide the necessary fixes to keep the website's links functioning
error-free. Broken links can negatively impact user experience, SEO,
and website credibility, so regular monitoring and maintenance are
crucial for ensuring a seamless browsing experience for visitors.

Monthly link monitoring and fixes

We configure a monitoring service that scans your website for potential
security vulnerabilities, threats, or suspicious activities. The primary goal
of such checks is to detect security issues promptly. It alerts us immediately
so that appropriate action can be taken to mitigate potential risks and
prevent security breaches.

Security checks – immediate notification of any issues

We conduct monthly monitoring to ensure that the website performs optimally,
providing visitors with a smooth and efficient user experience. Our performance
monitoring helps identify and address any issues causing slow loading times,
thus improving overall website performance and user satisfaction.

Monitoring of performance – speed and page loading

Monthly vulnerability checks with plugins, software, themes, and PHP refers
to a regular assessment of a website's components to identify and address
potential security vulnerabilities. These checks are essential to ensure that
the website's core software, themes, plugins, and PHP versions are up-to-date
and free from known security weaknesses that hackers could exploit.

Monthly vulnerability checks with plugins/software/theme/PHP

GTM is a powerful tool offered by Google that allows website owners and
marketers to manage and deploy various tracking codes, analytics tags,
and marketing tags on their websites. Setting up Google Tag Manager
(GTM) tracking code involves creating a Google Tag Manager account,
adding the GTM container code to your website, and configuring tags,
triggers, and variables within GTM to track specific user interactions and
events on your site.

GTM Tracking Code Set Up

We will send you a monthly GA4 report
offering insights into the following areas: 
  • Audience Overview
  • Acquisition Overview
  • Engagement Overview
  • User Demographics and Interests
  • Events Tracking
  • Conversions and Goals
  • E-commerce Tracking
  • User Retention
  • Funnel Analysis
  • User Flow
  • Campaign Performance
  • Real-time Reporting

Monthly google analytics report

We will optimize your images by reducing the file size of images without compromising
their visual quality. Optimized images load faster on websites and apps, improving user
experience, reducing bandwidth consumption, and providing better SEO rankings.
Image optimization is imperative for improving website performance and ensuring
users have a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience.

Image Optimization

We will review your website's pages to identify any pages that need meta descriptions
or have poorly optimized meta descriptions. A meta description is a brief summary or
snippet that appears in search engine results below the page title. It provides a concise
description of the page's content, enticing users to click through to the website.

Missing Meta Description audits

We will review your website's images to identify any images that are missing alt tags
or have poorly optimized alt tags and descriptions. Alt tags (alternative text) and image
descriptions are important for web accessibility and SEO.

Missing Alt Tag and Description audits

These updates can involve adding new content, updating existing content,
redesigning page layouts, or implementing new features.

Additional Page Builds/Page Modifications

We will monitor, review, approve, deny, and reply when necessary to all comments made on your
website every month.Managing comments on WordPress blogs is essential to foster engagement,
maintain a positive user experience, and prevent spam or inappropriate content from appearing
on your website.

Management of comments on WP blogs

We will actively monitor, review, and reply when necessary to your Google
reviews. Managing Google reviews and a Google Business Page is essential
to your online reputation management and maintaining a positive image
for your business. Google reviews significantly influence potential customers'
decisions, and responding to reviews demonstrates your commitment to
customer satisfaction and engagement.

Google reviews (review and respond)/Google Business
Page Management

We provide monthly SEO ranking reports that involve tracking and analyzing the
search engine rankings of specific keywords and pages on a website over time.

Monthly SEO rank reporting

We will send you a monthly Website Care Report
offering insights into the following areas: 
  • Website Optimization 
  • Safe Update Information
  • Backup Information
  • Overall Uptime 
  • GA4 Analytics
  • Security Checks
  • Performance Rankings
  • SEO Ranking
  • WooCommerce Traffic (if applicable)

Monthly Website Care Report

We will inspect your site to confirm or deny if your website is properly using cookies.
If not, we will add cookies to your website. A cookie compliance audit is essential for
ensuring that your website or application adheres to relevant data protection regulations,
such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe or the California Consumer,
Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States.

Cookie Compliance Audit


Content changes not included. Any content changes will be line itemed at $125/hour


1 hour per month of general website support is included in this package and can be used for content changes to the website, copy/photos, etc. 


2 hours per month of general website support is included in this package and can be used for content changes to the website, copy/photos, etc. 


3 hours per month of general website support is included in this package and can be used for content changes to the website, copy/photos, etc. 


*12-month minimum commitment

website hosting & care plan fAQS

If your website is built on the WordPress platform and is hosted with us, then the answer is yes. Currently, WordPress powers over 43% of the web. This makes it one of the biggest targets of hacking attempts on the planet. All websites require routine maintenance, and that’s what our care plans provide.

When we onboard your website into a care plan, a lot of effort goes into making sure you are set up properly, all of your software is updated and stable, and there are no issues we need to address.

We ask for a 12-month commitment to cover the time and effort we spend getting you up to speed with our Website Care Plans. But we do allow cancellations at any time and charge a flat fee of $250 if you cancel before the end of your 12-month commitment period.

You have two options to choose from. The Premium Website Care Plan at $495/month or the Elite Website Care Plan at $695/month are eligible for e-commerce website hosting. We love Woo Commerce and gladly support the extra activities and necessary support.

Absolutely! Although our plans were developed for websites that we build or re-design, we welcome new clients looking for support. We will conduct a WordPress website audit to verify your site would be suitable for one of our Website Care Plans. The fee for the audit is $150. Contact us for more details about moving your site to us!

Yes! If you find that the Website Care Plan you are on is not a good fit for your business, contact us, and we will adjust your plan and subscription for the next month. If you have an e-commerce website, then the Premium plan is the lowest option you can downgrade to. We do not offer e-commerce with the Essentials Website Care Plan.

While we take every precaution to ensure your website is safe and secure, we cannot guarantee that it will never be hacked or compromised. In the VERY unlikely event that this happens, we will implement a backup restoration and get your site up and running again as quickly as possible – usually within a few hours.

With the Leverage Marketing Website Care Plans, you will be granted access to our premium plugins using our license keys. Here are just a few that we offer:


  • Gravity Forms Pro
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • CleanTalk Spam Protection
  • Divi Builder
  • Elementor Pro Builder
  • Elementor Pro Essential Add-ons
  • WP Bakery Builder


Some of these licenses cost a big monthly/annual fee. Being on a Website Care Plan with us will save you a lot of money and time.

Support time in your Website Care Plan is allocated to you each month and does not roll over. This ensures that everyone has a dedicated amount of time and that we can provide top-notch service to every client.

Managed web hosting is the use of our services to host, maintain, and keep your website updated, secure, and running optimally on the web. An unmanaged web hosting service (typically what most cheap web hosting services are) is merely the location of your website on a web server, where you and your team manage everything on the website and server yourself.

When you sign up for one of our Website Care Plans, you will enroll through our website and pay via a subscription service with your credit card, debit card, or through ACH Bank payments. These payment methods will be automatically charged on the same day each month for your services.

Need secure web hosting & A CARE PLAN?