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Beechwood Inn began their restaurant over 40 years ago and grew it into a family business offering banquet, event and street food services. Competition from well-branded franchises and a growing reputation for being an “old” person’s place provided the setting for which Leverage entered. Leverage determined that the business needed to capture the interest of its smart-phone community—and keep it.

Noticing the differences in the culture of the restaurant and street food services, Leverage separated their identities. For the food truck, SnapChat and GeoFilter analytics were chosen to target a younger, more diversified audience. For the restaurant, Leverage resuscitated previous online marketing attempts. They took over the Facebook account and began weekly email campaigns. Leverage also coordinated a photo shoot for food offerings. These photos provided immediate online visual interest. The final reset occurred in 2018 as Leverage launched the business as one entity with a new name and a modern website.

Getting to tap into a textured and grungy brand has been so fun. It has been a joy to see their business grow and flourish over the years!

BWG Previous logo
BWG current logo


Beechwood’s social media has a really cool aesthetic that focuses on not only the delicious food, but the ambiance that they have to offer. A darker, textured vibe with a just a little bit of edginess is what makes up their social media presence. It is a delicate balance to utilize food photos while keeping the voice of the brand. 

We loved playing into some edgier content with fun quotes like “Big Deck Energy”. Beechwood is the perfect example that it is possible to stay on-brand while having a bit of fun with pop-culture!

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Space Remodel

Just about anything could use a remodel after 40 years in business, right? Beechwood Grill was in need of a face lift with their re-brand and new name! To ensure the interior matched the brand, darker colors, textures, and ambient lighting were used helped to tie the space together. We wanted to evolve the restaurant from a wood-panelled cafe into an American Steakhouse with a modern edge. The space has reflected the evolution of the brand and it is an honor to see everytime we go!

BWG Bar pic 2
BWG Interior back room


Printed materials are another visual representation of our brand, so when we look at Beechwood Grill’s collaterals, brand consistency is clear. We’ve created menus, catering booklets, table tents, business cards, gift cards, rack cards, and even coasters!

When we think about printed material in the restaurant, we try to think about how the customers will view the brand as a whole. Social media is something that is consumed before they get to the restaurant, and our printed material helps to convey the brand in the restaurant. All customers should be able to get a feel for the brand by looking at a single printed piece of material. Consistency is key, but it also gives us an opportunity to expand the brand by utilizing different design elements.

BWG Mural
BWG Menu and coaster
BWG Print
BWG Beer table tent
Beechwood Catering menu
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