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Five Benefits of Partnering With a Marketing Agency

Everyone has probably heard a horror story about being burned by a marketing agency. And those experiences are valid. There are a lot of agencies out there who try to oversell on what they can actually deliver or who are more interested in the profits than understanding your business. Finding an agency that matches your values and gets your vibe is honestly exhausting. When you find the right match, however, partnering with an agency creates magical brand synergy. In this guide, we cover the benefits of using a marketing agency and have our experts weigh in as well! 

“It’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.” – Douglas Warner III


Five Benefits of Partnering With a Marketing Agency

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer  

  1. Access to the best of the marketing best.

    Agency teams collectively have decades of marketing experience and employ individuals who are experts in various aspects of marketing. This provides complete access to everything required to maintain a comprehensive marketing strategy instead of relying on one or two people to excel at every part of marketing (think digital advertising, public relations, content creation, and graphic design, to name a few).

  2. Cost-effective marketing solutions.

    Hiring a marketing agency is more cost-effective for most businesses than hiring an in-house marketer who requires a salary and benefits. The average marketing salary is $60,000 or about $4,600 each month. That number doesn’t include healthcare, dental, 401k, or other standard employee benefits. Plus, that is a cost per month of just ONE person. As we discussed in point one, hiring an agency unlocks access to an entire team of experts. 

  3. Every entrepreneur could use a fresh set of eyes!

    As a business owner, you cannot help but be close to your brand. It’s your baby! Unfortunately, this can also mean your brand gets stuck in the same routine. Agencies help small businesses think outside the box. They provide an objective perspective and insights on how to evolve, innovate, and grow.   

  4. Agencies can be your negotiator.

    Agencies have media, advertising, print, and other industry connections. They can help you buy radio spots, research the best pricing for print materials, and be your marketing advocate in the outside world.  

  5. Agencies translate important analytics.

    Ever looked at the backend of your website or analytics from your last Google Ad? Be honest, did it give you a headache? Agencies take the guesswork out of analytics. They point you toward the ones you need to focus on for better optimization and others that are okay to ignore.   


What the Grown-Ups Have to Say

We asked our experts, “Why would you recommend hiring a marketing agency?” This is what they had to say: 

Missy, founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Leverage Marketing: 

“Working with an agency is smart and likely the most affordable option for a small business. Hiring someone to handle your marketing in-house is generally more expensive than it is to work with a marketing agency. When you hire someone, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not only going to have to pay their salary but will likely still need to outsource projects that require skill sets your new hire doesn’t have. 

With a full-service agency like ours, you’ll have a marketing strategist, a graphic designer, a copywriter, a web developer, a digital marketer, and more. Most small businesses can’t afford to hire all of those positions. In most cases, the reality is that working with an agency is less expensive than having an in-house marketing individual or team.” 


Laura, former owner of FineLine Creative and Business Development Director at Leverage Marketing: 

“Successful marketing is connected, targeted, strategic and should have consistent visuals and messaging. With so much clutter and noise in the market, an agency pro can help cut through the clutter by defining a budget and guiding a business through selecting tactics that are most effective for that industry segment. Picking the right marketing mix is the key to success!!”


We’re Not For Everyone, And That’s Okay.

We intentionally want to attract team members, clients, and other pros in the industry that align with MOST of our company values. We measure each relationship with them, are clear about who we want to work with, and find that we work best with established businesses whose values match our own. Our best clients understand the significance of having a consulting team behind them, and well… don’t treat us like a vendor. They acknowledge us as an extension of their team and allow our crew to integrate with every aspect of their business. Does it sound like we have a value match? If so, get in touch with our team today!