Meet Shelli

Meet Shelli

Hello! I’m Shelli, Leverage’s Senior Account Manager. I joined the Leverage team in 2022 after FineLine Creative’s acquisition. Managing client communications, spotting the details, and keeping projects on track is my specialty. I love developing personal relationships with my clients too! 

Five Things About Shelli

1. I have always wanted to be a mom.

From an early age, I knew my calling was to be a mom! Fast forward to today, and I’m blessed to have three kiddos: nine-year-old twin boys and a seven-year-old daughter. They remind me daily how precious life can truly be, even on the days they make me want to pull my hair out.

2. I’m a former college athlete.

During college, I had the privilege of playing softball for Purdue University. These were some of the best years of my life! My teammates and I created unforgettable memories, learned crucial life skills, and, most importantly, made lifelong friends. BOILER UP!

3. I love to bake.

While I don’t consider myself anywhere near Betty Crocker’s status, I do pour love into all my baked goodies. I enjoy spoiling and surprising friends and family with their favorite treats on special occasions and holidays. When my schedule opens up, I plan to take professional baking classes as well!

4. I’m going to Europe in 2025

I have always wanted to go overseas beyond the bounds of North America and its surrounding islands. After numerous tropical vacations, I finally get to spread my wings to visit Italy! I am still planning my travel itinerary, so if you have any recommendations, drop me a line with your favorite places to go!

5. I can’t whistle or roll my tongue.

There are two things I wish I could do: whistling and rolling my tongue. I can’t do either! Whistling would come in handy for getting my kids’ attention, and I know for a fact rolling my “r’s” would have made learning Spanish a heck of a lot easier. I ended up having to learn French instead!


I’d love to meet with you to get a conversation started about how Leverage can help you market your business. Whether it’s just a little push in the right direction or a full-on branding and marketing campaign, I’d love to chat and help you go to the next level with our team!